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Web3 Marketing Playbook

A playbook for early stage Web3 projects to approach their marketing.

Get a primer on:
• Web3 Marketing Goals,
• Go-to-market strategies in Web3, &
• Marketing Tactics For Early-Stage Web3 Startups.
+ Resources to help you kickstart a suitable marketing strategy!

Marketing Strategy Template

This template provides everything you need to write a Marketing Strategy for your business/project.

Implementing a concise Marketing Strategy will:
• Ensure a strategic approach is undertaken to marketing guaranteeing all future marketing tactics
are undertaken with a long term purpose in mind and deliver an ROI
• Have tangible, financial goals to aim for so the value of ongoing marketing can be measured
• Identify potential new markets and ensure that sales and marketing teams have a focus rather
than adopting a scattergun approach
• Ensure your brand is working as hard as it can to portray your business
• Develop reusable marketing messages that can be used through all marketing
• Ensure all marketing is consistent

A Crash Course on PPC Marketing - Elvis Kolawole

A Crash Course on PPC Marketing

Dive into the world of Pay-Per-Click Advertising Platforms.

This guide gives you a great start in the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, especially on the Google and Bing Ad platforms. You get to learn about: