My work cuts across Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization Digital Advertising Social Media Marketing Sales Funnels Animation Digital Art Video Production Web 3.0 Email Marketing Writing Communications/ PR



  • Email marketing for 3 newsletters on several platforms
  • Crypto-centric content writing & CMS Management
  • Writing 3 weekly crypto-focused newsletters.

  • Developing & Managing the blog
  • Managing the online community
  • Outbound SEO Activities.
  • Development of user acquisition strategies

  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Viral Campaign Management

BSchool Africa

  • Ran Automated Email Campaigns
  • Built Landing Pages
  • Established Social Media Presence
  • Created Multi-Platform Content

  • Social media management
  • Content writing for blog
  • Memes & video content creation
  • Lead generation campaigns

Konfam Bet

  • Developed digital marketing strategies.
  • Managed Social Media Platforms.
  • Executed Display, PPC, In-stream, Social Media, and Native Ad campaigns with a 250% ROI in its first 2 months.

AOT Lagos

  • Helped curate one of Africa’s biggest tech events.
  • Drove Traffic using PPC, Email, and Social Media Campaigns.
  • Managed Digital Communications


  • Developed a revised marketing plan.
  • Ran a successful SEO campaign for the keyword “Nigerian Business News”.
  • Executed Display, PPC, GMail, and Social Media Ad campaigns with a 100% ROI within 4 months.

  • Developing landing pages
  • Social media management
  • Building SEO and organic discoverability of all brand assets
  • Content marketing via blogging and video.
  • Running email campaigns.
  • Administration of digital ad campaigns
  • Running Email Campaigns
  • Management and optimization of an affiliate program and referral programme.

Kaptain foods

  • Created and Curated multimedia content.
  • Executed Display, In-Stream and Social Media Ad campaigns.
  • Built Sales Funnels.
  • Managed Social Media Platforms.
  • Executed Influencer Marketing Campaigns.
  • Executed bulk SMS campaigns.
  • Implemented SEO Best Practices.
  • Wrote the UI and UX of the company website.

Eko Innovation Centre

  •  Managed all offline communities and programmes in the hub. This comprised civic
    tech, learning, and sustainability initiatives.
  • Formulated & executed communication strategies
  • Managed the TechBiz Platform; comprising a weekly webinar series and a virtual community of entrepreneurs
  • Executed PPC and Social Media Ad Campaigns.
  • Managed the social media platforms.
  • Executed Email Marketing Campaigns.

Amoita Car Hire

  • Generated Cold leads using a PPC Campaign

Phnx Studios

  •  Creation, curation and execution of storyboard ideas.
  • Execution of 2D & 3D animated projects.

OLX Nigeria

  • Created Content For Social Media Channels.
  • Managed Social Media platforms and helped increase engagement and conversions.

  • Created video for Event Sales Funnels
  • Created Content For Social Media Channels.
  • Managed B2B content marketing activities

JBC Shipping

  • Created Landing Pages
  • Ran Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Built Backlinks for SEO.


  • Ran successful PPC Ads for lead generation.
  • Generated quality backlinks for SEO.

Web 3.0

Crypto Coins Vip is a platform I’m building to offer decentralized crypto trading, real-time prices, and relevant news in the blockchain space.

As the name implies, Web3 Jobs Roundup is a weekly roundup of new jobs in the world of Web 3, Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain.

The Money Panda is a web3-focused media project consisting of a podcast and comic series